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SutraYoga weaves together threads of ancient traditions and modern practices connecting the Body, the Soul and the Community. 


Based on the Vedic texts underpinning the practice of Yoga: समाधी (Contemplation), साधना (Practice), विभूति (Accomplishments) and कैवल्य (Absoluteness). SutraYoga creates harmonious, ecological experiences curated by multi-disciplinary practitioners; complementing yoga with nutrition, mindfulness, strength training, outdoors and cultural experiences.


The practice of yoga is extended to social causes leading to enriching outcomes both for the individual and the community in partnership with a developmental humanitarian NGO Maitri India.





The physical practice of ‘yoga asanas’ poses with a focus on breath activate the ‘chakras’ energy points to awaken your entire body. Dynamic movements with breath and holding poses combine to strengthen, stretch and create steadiness in the poses.


Mindfulness on the mat creates a sense of calm for your soul, to feel whole and at peace with yourself, and with the world around you. SutraYoga aspires to enable you to practise the ‘mantra’ of maintaining equanimity and seeking joy every life situation. 


SutraYoga encourages you to extend the benefits of your well being to nurture and nourish the community. And amplify your social response by empowering others around you through donations, events or other ways for causes that you support.

"स्थर सुखमासनम्" 

Asana is a steady, comfortable posture.

"विशोका वा ज्योतिष्मती" 

By concentrating on the supreme ever-blissful light within.

"परमाणुपरम महत्त्वानतोहस्य"

Extends from the primal atom to the greatest magnitude.

"Every life has a silver lining, Yoga is just the beginning"


I like fitness, art, travel, zen mode and in a parallel universe, business strategy and technology.  

Born in India, I started yoga at Sivananda, New Delhi in 2001 when I learnt Hatha yoga basics, and experienced the tranquility of feeling grounded with their Sanskrit prayers. Starting 2003, my 15 year global corporate career enabled me to explore and expand my passions living in different cities across Asia, UK, Europe, and US. It culminated in

200-hours Vinyasa teacher training at Yogaworks, New York in 2019. 

With great energy to share my passions and the need to cope with repetitive health issues, I decided to unite my personal and professional spaces to set up SutraYoga! 

I look forward to learning more along the way as I start this journey with you all. 

Sutra Blog

ॐ भूर् भुवः सुवः तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो॑ देवस्यधीमहि धियो यो नः प्रचोदयात् 

"Earth, mid-heaven, Heaven! Let us meditate on that most excellent light of divine Sun, that it may illuminate our minds". 



As part of the SutraYoga circle, we encourage our members to explore their Sutras, tenets of their holistic well-being through the practice of yoga whilst choosing from a range of complementary multi-disciplinary activities such as mindfulness and cultural experiences in different continents. 


Get in touch and get started with a format of your choice! 


Individual one-on-one classes at your pace, at your convenience. 


Resonate with group energy! Transmit and share your focus and learning. 

Connect with Sutra Yoga. We'd love to hear from you!